Have we reached the bottom of the real estate market in Sacramento?

I met up with Real Estate Broker Joel Wright recently to talk about the real estate market in Sacramento. Here’s an unscripted first-take video of our conversation on whether the market has hit bottom or not (click here to watch on YouTube). I’ve been watching the market closely and I’m cautiously optimistic about the recent improvements in the market, but I’ve truthfully been hesitant to declare the bottom for three reasons: 1) I’m not an economist; 2) I don’t hold a crystal ball; and 3) I’m not certain property values have finished declining in the Sacramento area – despite recent market improvements.

Do you feel we’ve reached the bottom of the market? How do you feel the presidential election will impact the real estate market in 2012?

For a detailed analysis of the Sacramento real estate market, check out the latest Wright Report. I haven’t seen a more exhaustive local report.

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