Limbo and low inventory in Sacramento

It’s been amazing to watch housing inventory become so scarce in the Sacramento area. In fact, sometimes it feels like a limbo competition where it just keeps going lower and lower. A few days back I met up with Joel Wright to talk about the bottom of the market and how low inventory is driving today’s real estate market. Below is an unscripted video of our conversation (click here to watch on YouTube).

By the way, does anyone else talk with your hands like me? I should probably duct tape my hands when doing videos, but then I might not be able to speak…

For a detailed analysis of the Sacramento real estate market, check out the latest Wright Report. I haven’t seen a more exhaustive local report. You may be interested to read Why did it appraise “low” even with multiple offers? and also How to talk with appraisers in this changing real estate market.

How have you seen inventory impact the housing market or your strategy in business?

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