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I wrote an article called “Finding Your Inner Appraiser Voice” on Appraisal Buzz. It was an honor to be asked to contribute since The Buzz is well-known and has a huge readership. My piece sounds so psychological from the title, but it’s really about the power of blogging for business and five questions to ask yourself to help hone a blogging voice. It’s very practical and applicable to many industries – not just appraisers. I hope it’s helpful, and I’d love to hear your thoughts.

appraisalbuzz_logoFinding Your Inner Appraiser Voice

I spend zero dollars to market myself online, yet I earn new business each week through my appraisal blog. The general public might think a blog about appraisals would be excruciatingly dull and very un-sexy, but trust me, there are so many interesting topics to discuss.

Three and a half years ago I started the Sacramento Appraisal Blog as a strategy to connect with clients and earn new business in an HVCC world (yes, my business felt the impact of HVCC). Seven hundred articles later, I can definitely say my blog has helped open up countless opportunities for new business, non-lender work, referrals, media interviews, networking and clout for my company – not to mention better Google rankings.

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If you clicked over from the article, thanks for visiting. If you want to connect further, my links are below. If you haven’t read the article, feel free to check it out. Thanks everyone. I sincerely appreciate your support, encouragement and anyone who stops by my little corner on the web.

BLOGGING RESOURCES: If you’re looking for some more tips on real estate blogging or wondering what to do, check out Quick tips for real estate blogging or How to develop original blog content (this is the format I developed for coming up with topics) or 10 ways to be a spammy real estate person online. Also, here is a video I did two years ago on “blogging tips for business (also embedded below)” Enjoy. I hope it’s helpful. I’m rooting for you!!

Questions: Do you have a blog for business? Why or why not? What tips would you give to someone thinking about starting a blog?

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  1. Kent Faver says

    Glad to find this article Ryan! I’ve been an appraiser in Texas 26 years and a frustrated blogger about 3 years as well, though I have nothing like you to show for it. I really like all your blogs – well done! Looks like you use the Thesis theme? Very nice. Have a great weekend – I will be back I’m sure.

    • says

      Hi Ken. Thank you so much for touching base. You’ve been in the business quite a while. I’ll look forward to seeing your blog. Maybe you could email me? I run a free version of WordPress that’s sort of a cousin to the thesis theme called “NeoClassical”. Thesis is an awesome theme though.

  2. says

    Looks like I need to come out of the dark ages. Read your articule on Appraiser-Buzz with some reservations. But went to your blog page and found it interesting and gave me some ideas. I have been appraising in North Idaho & Eastern Washington since 96. Will have to get with my sons and see how to get something going. I do like writing and it is great therapy and actually relaxing. Thanks for your articule.

  3. says

    Hey Ryan, Congratulations on being featured in Appraisal Buzz. And thank you for the tips as well. You’re THE most disciplined real estate blogger I know of and I can count on my email delivering your post like clockwork weekly. My hats off to you! Shared. Bill

    • says

      Thanks so much Bill. I appreciate the kudos and your friendship. I’m glad we met a few years ago (I think through mutual blogging). More than that, I’m glad you guys are okay in Baton Rouge after the weather this week.

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