10 signs your pool is too big for the neighborhood

This is what I’d call a super-sized pool. This house was purchased by Folsom Asset Management as one of their flip projects. For some perspective on the enormity of this swimming hole, look at my Realtor friend Whitney Johnson in the top image. Also, compare the 4400 sq ft house (single story with a 700 sq ft garage) with the pool. Have you ever seen a residential pool this big? What would you do with it if you were going to flip this house?

Overbuilt Pool. Photos by Folsom Asset Management & Compilation by Sacramento Appraisal Blog

Even if the pool was finished, it would very likely be a market liability since most buyers are not looking for a pool this big. On top of that, imagine the cost to heat the pool. It’s no wonder the investment company filled it in before selling the house.

Top-10-Image-purchased-by-Sacramento-Appraisal-Blog-from-www.123rf.comphoto_9840969_golden-top-ten-in-rank-list-trophy-isolated-on-white-background.htmlsgame-123RF-St-sm10 signs your pool is too big for the neighborhood

  1. If your backyard is a potential site for the next Olympics.
  2. If Google Maps mistakes your pool as a lake.
  3. If your pool looks like it should be at a resort.
  4. If prospective buyers think “Yikes, what were they thinking?”
  5. If aerial fire fighters use your pool to scoop up water.
  6. If the Coast Guard uses your pool for rescue training.
  7. If your pool yields little value in the resale market.
  8. If “block party” means the entire neighborhood can literally go swimming.
  9. If your buddies constantly ask you to use their jet skis in your pool.
  10. If buyers don’t have the expectation for such a large pool in the neighborhood.

Questions: What do you think of this pool? What is the 11th sign a pool is too big? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

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    Whoa,that looks like a resort pool with the swim up bar! You wonder sometimes what people are thinking with the things they build. Thanks for sharing Ryan.

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