One more month to appeal your property taxes in Sacramento County

Image purchased by Sacramento Appraisal Blog and used with permission - Image credit www.123rf.comphoto_10939567_businessman-taking-a-hit-by-the-taxe-s-hand.html'luislouro - 250 pixI wanted to remind everyone that you have one more month to appeal your 2012 property taxes in Sacramento County. The deadline to dispute your assessed value is November 30, 2012. This deadline is for typical “decline in value” situations where the market has decreased in value, but the assessed value is out of sync with reality. Keep in mind the assessed value is supposed to be based on January 1, 2012 – NOT today. If you have questions about how the process works, you can scan through over 60 property tax articles I’ve written or feel free to email or call. However, read here about some of the nuts and bolts of property taxes to help you get started. Being that it’s down to the last month, I highly recommend owners to fill out the Application for Changed Assessment (a formal appeal) instead of the Prop 8 Form (a free form that carries zero weight after November 30). Like I tell everyone, it’s great if you can do your own research in the appeals process, but if you need help, let’s connect.

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