The Sacramento and US unemployment scene

What do Coca-Cola, Hostess and Campbell’s Soup all have in common? Other than being mega corporations, they all recently decided to close their doors for their Sacramento operations. Businesses definitely have a life cycle, so I can understand why these organizations chose to call it quits, but it’s still too bad to see local workers lose their jobs.

The Job Factor: The unemployment rate is an important metric to watch closely in terms of real estate because it’s one layer of the market that helps create value since jobs and purchasing power go hand in hand. Let’s take a look at the latest unemployment figures in Sacramento County through January 2013 as well as get a local and national panoramic view of the past few decades of unemployment.

Sacramento County Unemployment Rate (10.3% January 2013):

Sacramento unemloyment rates - graph by Sacramento Appraisal Blog

United States Unemployment Rate (7.7% February 2013):

US unemployment rate - 1976 to 2013 - graph by Sacramento Appraisal Blog

California Unemployment Rate (10.4% January 2013):

California unemployment rates - 1976 to 2013 - graph by Sacramento Appraisal Blog

United States, California and Sacramento County Unemployment Rate:

USA vs California vs Sacramento Unemployment Rate - Graph by Sacramento Appraisal Blog

Sacramento California US unemloyment rates - graph by Sacramento Appraisal Blog

NOTE: The unemployment rate for February 2013 in California and Sacramento will be published next week, whereas the February 2013 rate is already available for the United States (hence why some graphs say February 2013 already).

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Any thoughts on the local job market?

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