Does a property with a flat roof require a roof inspection for an FHA loan?

It depends. A roof really only requires an inspection during an FHA loan if the appraiser or underwriter calls for an inspection. This goes for both flat and pitch roofs. Let’s read a bit more below.

flat roof inspection for an fha loan - by Sacramento Appraisal Blog

Straight from HUD on whether an appraiser will automatically require a roof inspection on a flat roof (Mortgagee Letter 05-48):

FHA-photo-by-Ryan-LundquistFHA no longer mandates automatic inspections for flat or unobservable roofs. In the appraisal report the appraiser will note any evidence of deterioration of roofing materials (missing tiles, shingles, flashing). Deteriorated roofing materials include those that are worn, cupped, or curled. If the roof is not observable, the appraiser will look for and include in the appraisal report any telltale signs of roof problems on the interior, such as damage or water stains to the ceiling area of a room or closet. The appraiser must note in the appraisal report that he/she could not adequately observe the entire roof area (state which area(s) were unobservable). Based on the information reported by the appraiser, the lender’s underwriter will determine whether or not a roofing inspection is required.

Summary & Attics: All things considered, a flat roof on any portion of a house won’t necessarily trigger a roof inspection, but an inspection may be required if there are signs on the interior or exterior that point toward roof failure. Remember, a roof has to have at least two years of remaining economic life for an FHA loan. On a related note, the appraiser is required to do a “head and shoulders” inspection of the attic, but when the roof is flat and there is no attic, this requirement obviously doesn’t apply.

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