Random things I’ve seen while inspecting houses

One of my favorite things about appraising is the the random things I come across while inspecting houses. Here are a few gems  I’ve seen recently. Enjoy.

Foam Repair Job

Foam Repair Job: This window was leaking, so a large amount of foam spray was used to stop the leak. Not very attractive, but it did get the job done.  🙂

golf ball mailbox - by Sacramento Appraisal Blog

Golf Ball Mailbox: At this point in life I’m honestly more of a miniature golfer, but a reader sent this to me, and it made me smile. What do you think? Is it a selling point? What does this do for curb or neighborhood appeal?

new well in Rancho Cordova

A Well That Looks Like a House: Golden State Water Company recently demolished a house in Rancho Cordova and constructed a well in its place (since a new well was needed). Being that the previous house was surrounded by nothing but single family detached homes, it’s nice to see the new well was designed in a way to blend in with surrounding homes as much as possible. This is on the corner of Paseo Drive and Malaga Way.

warning sign quotation marks

“Warning” Sign on Porch: I promise you I am not a grammar snob by any stretch, but since I’ve run into The Blog of Unnecessary Quotation Marks a few times, this doorstep sign did tickle my intellect. When putting “warning” in quotations, it actually calls in to question whether it is a warning or not.

holes in backyard from dogs - by sacramento appraisal blog

Dog Digging: At first when I saw this backyard I thought either there was some sort of funky geological issue going on, a gigantic snake infestation problem or maybe the kids dug out a hobbit habitat. This is actually the result of a digging dog.

Any thoughts?

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  1. ricardo says


    Of course the golf ball (“golf ball”) is fascinating, no little because in the base, it has a small dent — about the size of a golf ball from this universe. Estimating that the base or “T” is made of at least 18 gauge steel, the ball that dimpled it would have had to be traveling a little over 310 mph (estimated). Explanation? Using Occam’s razor, this must have been caused by a giant from an alternate universe trying out a gold ball from ours. At least I think this is the exlanation that the Federal Reserve would give.

  2. says

    Love golf, but I would NOT be happy to see that tee’d up on my street. 🙂 That is SO cool about the well house. Kudos to whomever was in charge of that … I love that they considered how it blended into the workings of the area. I was scared to find out if that was foam or not in the first pic. I may have nightmares about that one.

    • says

      Thanks, Heather. Your comments always make me laugh. The foam is definitely gnarly. Great thoughts on the well. It was a sensitive thing I’m sure since a house was demolished to make room for a needed well. Most wells do not look anything like this, so I’m impressed to say the least.

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