Zombies, Vampires & FHA (real estate event)

I never thought I’d write about zombies and vampires on my blog, but here goes. Next month I’m sitting on a panel for an event called “Zombies, Vampires & FHA” at the Sacramento Association of Realtors. I know this sounds like an odd title for a real estate event, but the tag line for the event says it all: You should only be afraid of two of these.

Fear & Market Trends: As investors gutted the market over the past year, FHA buyers really struggled as they lost about 10% of their market share. The truth is as cash came knocking on the door in mass, many sellers became leery of working with FHA buyers since cash was simply easier and generally came with fewer headaches. But now the tide is beginning to shift as inventory is on the rise, values have begun to cool off and investor cash has been on the decline. The stats alone tell us all we need to know since FHA has seen a 3% increase in Sacramento County over the past 90 days (and 6% under $200,000).

Check out a one-minute promo video above (or here). I hope you like it (I made it). If this “zombie” event sounds relevant for you too, come on by. It would be great to hang for a bit and eat some lunch together. There is a cost for the event, but speaking at this event is volunteer work for me (just in case you thought I was sharing so I can get rich).  🙂

Event at Sacramento Association of Realtors for FHA

Question: Enough about FHA. Do you like scary movies? Why or why not?

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    Great post Ryan – I’ll make sure Steve is “zombified” … great post and I’m certain will be an educational session. We have had great success with FHA deals getting done. And your second hidden question, I do NOT like scary movies. I’m team “funny” … not team “scary.” 🙂

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      Thanks Heather. I’m looking forward to hearing what Steve has to say. I think we would scare people if we were actually dressing up.

      I’m with you on the horror movies. Blood and gore just doesn’t do it for me. In fact, as a kid the movies just scared me and made it more difficult to go to sleep. I just steered clear of them after that. 🙂


  1. […] My good friend and fellow real estate industry colleague just did a great little blog post about an upcoming event. The event is actually called Zombies, Vampires and FHA! Now you all know that I (along with my fellow Raz Room cohorts) did a little real estate Open House Zombie bombing this past year (here is the link if you missed the video). Ryan asked me if I could share a picture  or two for his video and blog post and of course I was honored. After learning a little about what the event includes I have to say it looks like one you will not want to miss. Do check out all of the detail about the event here! […]

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