The 2-story clubhouse I built for my kids

Did you have a clubhouse as a kid? I did for a couple of years, and it sure was fun for me, my brother and neighborhood kids. Since I wanted my boys to have one too, I built them a clubhouse that took my childhood structure to a whole different level (literally). I built this a while back, but never put it online until recently. Initially it was a single story with a balcony, but I added a second story after realizing the rain was going to destroy my hard work if the balcony was left open to the elements for much longer. Watch below (or here). What do you think?

Here and there I like to take a break from stats and market trends to share passions well beyond real estate. One of my favorite things to do in life is to work with my hands. I honestly find so much joy and fulfillment when building – even though I’m fairly novice overall. Thanks for letting me share this project.

Questions: Do you think clubhouses are a positive or negative when selling a house? I’d love to hear your take. Any stories or specific examples?

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  1. says

    That’s an awesome clubhouse Ryan. I would have loved to have had that as a kid. I’m sure your boys will remember it all their lives. Do they spend the night in it much?

    • says

      Thanks Tom. I think you’re right. They will definitely remember. And they are going to be challenged to build a better one too. I hope to be able to help them do it too. They spend the night out t here once in a while, but really not as much as I’d think they would. I’ve spent the night out there with them multiple times, and that is always fun (especially after we got carpet to give a little extra padding).

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      Thanks Alison. Congrats on your clubhouse too. I’d love to see it. Post some pics or send me one if you can. I love to see what other people have done. It’s always fun to pull ideas from other places (which is why Pinterest is popular I think).

  2. ricardo says

    Excellent project. Art by the kiddos inside is also a fine touch.
    This is going to add permanent value to your kids childhood.

    • says

      Thanks. That’s nice of you to say. The neighborhood kids sure do love it. I suppose it could double for some sort of a man cave with some modifications too (and addition of electrical).

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