Homes that won’t make the Pinterest highlight reel

Sometimes I feel like my job is like watching HGTV since I get to see some truly amazing homes with incredible features and upgrades. In fact, I frequently talk myself down from a feeling of house envy after seeing some of what I see. However, there are other properties that don’t quite make the incredible list and would probably never make a Pinterest highlight reel either. Let me show you a few gems I’ve encountered recently. Enjoy.

stay out of backyard

Low-Grade Security System: If you want to keep people out of your backyard, all you need are some screws. I saw this on an investor flip in Sacramento recently.


Sort of Remodeled: This house has a stellar newer kitchen, but it’s funny to see the contrast between the kitchen and everything else. It felt a bit like The Brady Bunch home, except with a redone kitchen. If you keep something long enough though, it comes back in style, right?  🙂

burned bikes - photo by sacramento appraisal blog

Charred Bikes: What a telling image. It’s always delicate to appraise a home after a fire because the family is still grieving. It’s very hard to lose almost everything. My family’s home burned down when I was in High School and it wasn’t easy. Yet at the same time, in hindsight there were some very redemptive things that happened as a result of the fire.

retro wallpaper by sacramento appraisal blog

Retro Wallpaper: How do you like the belts? Which of these would you pick for one room in your home if you had to choose one? I think I would go with the green paper since it is the most tolerable for my taste. I saw all of this in one house recently, and I hope the buyers know how time-consuming it can be to remove wallpaper (assuming that’s what they want to do). I know some people love retro wallpaper, but most would remove it.

kids drawing on walls in a house - by sacramento appraisal blog

Kids Drawing on the Walls: This home was not abandoned and wasn’t a tagger rehab facility either (kidding). Several rooms  had simply been very well-traveled with markers and crayons from the kids.

house with additions - 530 pixels - by sacramento appraisal blog

What is it? (click the image): Click on the image above to view a larger photo of this interesting set-up. The main house has one bedroom and 1 bathroom and is connected through an added hallway to a “studio” that has 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom. The layout is awkward, so the question becomes, is it a 3-bed/2-bath or 1-bed/1-bath? Technically by city standards it is all considered legitimate living area, though there are some quality and functional issues to consider, right?


dog pee and poo in a house - by sacramento appraisal blog

An Interior Free Range Dog Bathroom: First off, I’m sorry if you’re really grossed out. I promise not to show photos like this too often. I did actually showcase these previously on Letting the dogs pee outside is an okay idea. This newer large home was truly one of the most gnarly inspections I’ve been on, and I honestly felt nauseous afterward. I love pets, but there is a profound difference between having a pet accident on the carpet and a lifestyle that needs to change. If dogs are allowed to go freely and frequently in the home (when kids live there too), it’s time for a reality show intervention or at least a conversation from loving family and friends. By the way, if you were wondering if barking dogs can impact property value, the answer is yes.

Bonus Pintersty Photo: Let’s end on a happy note. This is me and my kids the other day at The American River. We love riding bikes along the trails and then exploring. By the way, I’m actually on Pinterest if you want to connect there.

Question: Which image did you like best?

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    Yeah, I once listed a house with the several additions issue. Believe it or not, it had a dirt floor in one hallway. I suggested to the seller he put in concrete, to which he said, “Why? It works fine.” Needless to say, the house didn’t sell, though it did come close. I actually got it under contract, but it crashed on inspection. oh well.

    • says

      Oh wow, Bob. Thanks for sharing. I love the comment, “Why? It works fine.” I’ve not yet encountered a dirt floor in a house (beyond a few square feet of a terrarium of course). It’s not surprising to hear it crashed and burn during the inspection phase. That’s basically what happened with this one. The cost to repair was going to be substantial.

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