5 business goals and 5 personal goals for 2014

Happy New Year everyone!! Are you ready for 2014? What story is your life and business going to tell this year? I’m feeling pretty good about the year ahead after a much needed get-away in Southern California to visit family and enjoy the beach (that’s me and my wife below).  As a continuing tradition, I wanted to start things off by making some of my business and personal goals public. You are more than welcome to ask me how any of these goals are going too.

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5 Business goals:
– Visit 1-2 real estate offices each month to give market updates or teach classes.
– Continue blogging 2-3 times per week and hit blog post #1000.
– Continue to increase non-lender appraisal work for divorce, pre-list & IRS.
– Work on my systems to become more efficient with time.
– Successfully contribute to the REAA board and the Housing Opportunity Committee as the Vice-Chair.

5 Personal goals:
– Lose the 15+ pounds I said I was going to lose last year (but really do it this time). I actually dropped 10 pounds through October, but then I gained them back after answering the call of tempting food.
– Turn off my phone when the business day is done (and keep it off).
– Pull off three successful drives for Project 680.
– Plan at least two camping trips and out-of-town trips with the family.
– Be more proactive instead of reactive with my schedule.

What is one of your goals this year? I’d love to hear.

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    I definitely have to write down my goals for next year. The business ones I can think of are 1) improve online presence by posting more frequently and creating more videos. 2)More speaking engagements (I have done a few, but have not really made an effort to pursue this in the past. 3) Increase non lender work. We have made a good start here, but would like to increase this percentage of our business. 4) Increase networking activities. Done a little here, but can do a lot more. I joined the AI and plan on attending meetings. I have also looked at joining REAA and would like to get your thoughts on how beneficial that would be.

    -Thanks, Mark

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      Mark, those sound like great goals. Go for it! I like to write down my goals to so I can be sure to keep them in front of me. My goals last year went really well overall too (with the exception of dropping the excess weight). 🙂

      I am a board member for REAA, so I am biased. I have found the meetings to be very beneficial on a few levels: 1) You get all your CE taken care of by simply attending Tuesday night meetings once a month. The dinners are $30 maybe, but to get two CE credits and dinner for that price is really unbeatable. 2) I have built great relationships with other appraisers through the REAA. Too many appraisers are operating as lone rangers by not being in touch with any other appraisers. It sounds like you are not one of them though, which is great. I think all appraisers should be a part of some association of appraisers. How else can we do our job well? We need to bounce around ideas and grow.

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    This is a great post for starting out 2014. Being self employed requires working on a completely different level and creating personal goals are just as important as professional goals. I find if I stick to my personal goals they run over into achieving more in my business. My starting goal is to. 1. exercise daily prior to work. So first thing in the morning I go to the gym or for a walk. 2. To eat more natural fruits and vegetables 3. to work by my to-do list daily (it’s so easy to get distracted and pulled off course).
    I stick to this and I know it will become more of a natural habit. Success is a habit! 🙂

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      Thank you for sharing. I appreciate it. What a fantastic list. I think it’s a simple recipe to follow too, yet it can yield great results. I think you are 100% correct about personal health spilling over to professional growth too. I know Dave Ramsey and others share stats about how successful people work out 3-4 times per week. I used to be in extremely good shape, but I’ve let myself slip these past few years. It’s time to get centered again.

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    Awesome goals Ryan. Being an appraiser myself I can really relate to your goals as they are similar to mine. Separating work from home (since I work from home) is a double edge sword, but I hope to get better and that this year.


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