Breaking down price levels in Sacramento

There are markets within a market. Or in other words, just because a trend is happening in real estate at large does not mean the same trend is playing out in every single price range or area. We all know this, but sometimes it really helps to see it too. I’ll unpack that further on Tuesday when I share a stellar image of inventory levels in eight different price ranges in Sacramento County. For now enjoy a quick visual appetizer to get a glimpse of the 2300+ current listings in Sacramento. What do you see? What do you think your clients would notice?

Number of listings by price range as of April 2014 - by sacramento appraisal blog

One more thing. The NorCal Real Estate Expo was a blast on Wednesday. It was fun to mingle, meet new people and share some actionable ideas. My voice was definitely shot after teaching for four hours, but it was so worth it. Here is an impromptu pose during my real estate blogging class when I realized Heather Ostrom was snapping a pic. By the way, if you were in one of my classes, I’m around in case you want to connect or have further questions.


Questions: Does anything stand out to you or surprise you about the graph? How might information like this be useful to clients or the general public?

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    Not at all. The economy overall is recovering at 1/2 turtle speed… NOT TMNT speed… the higher end inventory shortages reflect the recovery among higher paid professionals, including medical and tech. When a $1m+ listing comes on the market, is nice and priced well, it moves very quickly as those buyers take action when motivated… but some sellers are testing prices, some listings are not so nice. Check the DOMs… I see a lot of 0-30s, then lots of 100+…

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      I always appreciate your insight Jeff. I think you are very much correct about DOM and definitely right about the slowness of the economic recovery. The market is very price sensitive right now. If it is priced correctly, it will move. If not, it’s going to sit. Bottom line. It’s not early 2013 where a property could be priced pretty much anywhere (relatively speaking of course). I’m looking forward to sharing some deeper graphs on Tuesday.

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