A radio interview with a Sacramento appraiser on Money 105.5 FM

Money 105.5 in Sacramento - Interview with AppraiserI did a radio interview last week on Money 105.5 FM in Sacramento, so I wanted to share. My part of the interview is a good 30 or so minutes, so it’s perfect for some background noise while working. They asked me about how I became an appraiser, blogging, how I recovered after nearly all my clients went out of business after the real estate bust in 2005, market trends in Sacramento, overbuilt homes, low appraisals, etc… The entire interview is contained below, but my segment starts at 10:18, which is where the video will start when you push the play button. Thank you Antonio Lopez of Summit Funding for the invite. Listen below (or here). Enjoy.

Thanks for listening.

Radio interview with Antonio Lopez Ryan Lundquist Carolyn Ewing

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    That was the best interview. I loved how you talk about our profession. What we do, how we think, and then convey it in such an easy way for everyone to understand.. It is so refreshing. Our profession needs people like you speaking on our behalf. Thanks.You have given me confidence to put myself out there as an expert in the foothills. What a great job.


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      Wow. That made my day. Thank you for the kind words. It really means a lot to me. It was good to meet last month at the NorCal Expo too. I’m glad we’re connected. Thank you again.

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    Great interview Ryan! Your analysis is right on! Keep getting the word out!

    You should come on my show sometime soon!

    Phil Crawford.

    Also…you accept Bitcoin…. NICE!!!

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