High demand persists in the Sacramento real estate market

What is the real estate market doing? That’s not always a quick 10-second answer you can give someone while standing in line at Starbucks. Yet here’s the scoop: Demand is very high, values are up, and inventory is down. We are seeing exactly what we would expect to see in a Spring market, and I’d like to invite you to unpack the market with me in this post so you can share specific trends with your clients.

buyers are ready to pull the trigger - image purchased by sacramento appraisal blog and used with permission

One Paragraph to Explain the Market: The market is having a normal Spring so far. Prices are up, sales volume is increasing, and housing inventory is down. Buyers are hungry out there, which is seen with pendings being 25% higher in the regional market in March 2015 compared to March 2014. Cash sales continue to decline in volume, while FHA buyers are gaining a greater share of the market. Short sales and bank-owned sales are still hovering at very low levels, though there was a slight uptick in volume this past quarter (nothing to sound the alarm about). It took an average of 51 days to sell a house in the region last month, which is 4 days longer than it took last year (thus while the market feels hot, we can also see the market is slowing down too). Well-priced listings are going quickly and experiencing multiple offers, but properties with adverse locations and/or a lack of upgrades are tending to sit on the market. There is a huge demand for quality inventory, yet at the same time the market is price sensitive since buyers are showing discretion. Many neighborhoods over these past few months experienced a seasonal increase in value (not all areas though). Remember in coming time that inventory historically sees a huge increase from April onward, and that can very easily change the tone of the market.

NOTE: This post is longer since it is my big monthly market update. I am experimenting with more graphs and less text. Do you miss the numbers and bullet points? I’d love some feedback.

Two ways to read this post:

  1. Scan the talking points and graphs quickly.
  2. Grab a cup of coffee and spend a few minutes digesting what is here

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SACRAMENTO REGION (Sac, Placer, Yolo, El Dorado):

median price and inventory in sacramento placer yolo el dorado county

days on market in placer sac el dorado yolo county by sacramento appraisal blog

months of housing inventory in region by sacramento appraisal blog

number of listings in Placer Sacramento Yolo El Dorado county - by home appraiser blog

interest rates inventory median price in sacramento regional market by sacramento appraisal blog


Median price and inventory since 2012 by sacramento appraisal blog price metrics since 2014 in sacramento county

cash in sacramento county

fha and cash in sacramento county - by sacramento appraisal blog

Volume and cash since 2009 - by Sacramento Appraisal Blog

reo and short sales in sacramento county

months of housing inventory by sacramento appraisal blog

CDOM in Sacramento County - by Sacramento Appraisal Blog

sales volume through feb 2015 in sacramento county

sales volume in march in Sacramento County since 2001


Placer County median price and inventory - by home appraiser blog

days on market in placer county by sacramento appraisal blog months of housing inventory in placer county by sacramento appraisal blog

Placer County median price since 2012 - by home appraiser blog

Placer County sales volume - by sacramento appraisal blog

interest rates inventory median price in placer county by sacramento appraisal blog

Questions: How do you think sellers and buyers are feeling about the market right now? What are you seeing out there?

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  1. says

    Great analysis Ryan. It sounds like you could be describing the market where I work as well. It is very similar to Sacramento trends. I like the chart showing interest rates and inventory trending similarly. I’ve never placed those two things on one chart before. I should try that in my market.

    • says

      Thanks Gary. If you ever make that graph, I’d love to see it. Interest rates and inventory are two of the big factors that can sway the direction of values, so it’s fascinating to see them plotted together. I remember when rates increased around June 2013, it really made a difference in the market (but that’s about the time when investors began to leave, and that was probably a bigger deal).

  2. says

    Smart move focusing on the charts. Picture is worth a thousand words… or so they say. Speaking of which … seems like that first picture is a more of a button than a ‘trigger’? Wazzup wid dat? (grin)

    • says

      Hi Gagggh. Historically low interest rates and outside cash investors really helped boost values in recent years since 2012. Low rates and low inventory are the two big culprits in driving today’s market too. Where do you think values should be? The peak was actually before 2007 in 2005/2006. I’d love to hear your take on the market. I’m open ears. Thanks.

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