Design ideas for a two-story backyard clubhouse?

I shared before about the clubhouse I built four months ago. Well, it’s now time to take this piece of kid “real estate” in the backyard to the next level. I originally designed this fort with an upstairs balcony, which has been really fun for the kids, but ultimately this design is not going to promote what the experts call P.E.L. (playhouse economic longevity). My new plan now is to build out an enclosed second story with shutters on all windows. This will help weather proof the clubhouse a bit more.

I have earmarked September 24-25 as my building days, and I would love to get your suggestions and tips for anything I might add to make this structure an amazing place for my two boys and neighborhood kids. I am open ears and I would appreciate any feedback. See the image below to get a general idea of what I envision and watch a video of the clubhouse as it is now here. Thank you.

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