Trading real estate appraisals for bitcoin

Can I get a drumroll? I’m pleased to announce bitcoin will now be accepted as a payment option for my appraisals and consulting work. What is bitcoin? It’s a digital currency that can be used in various places online or exchanged for US dollars. From a business standpoint, I like the concept of being relevant to potential customers wanting to use newer technology, but I am also a fan of the lower 1% transaction fee through BitPay compared to PayPal’s 3% fee. There is definitely lots of hype and buzz about bitcoin right now, and some call it a fad, but at the same time I am all about wanting to meet customers where they are at and explore technology. You can check out my 3 steps to pay with bitcoin. And yes, I do still accept cash, checks and credit cards.

bitcoins real estate appraisal business - photo purchased and used with permission - 530

Questions: Would you ever use bitcoin? Do you think it’s something that will continue to grow in popularity or is it just a fad? Feel free to comment below.

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