Tahoe Park Neighborhood in Sacramento

Tahoe Park” is an area of Sacramento off of Highway 50 and 65th street in the 95820 zip code (with one portion of the neighborhood in the 95817 zip code). The neighborhood consists mostly of single family detached ranch-style houses (some multi-units and occasional 2-story houses) that are most often 2 or 3 bedrooms with a 1-car garage (2-car garage sometimes). In Tahoe Park there are two commercial property strips, local schools, several newly constructed college dormitories (roughly 5 years ago), three church buildings, and a planned redevelopment project on 65th Street just South of Highway 50 on the Eastern side of the street.

The area of “Tahoe Park” can be described with five portions as shown below:


Dark Blue: This area is Tahoe Park proper and is referred to as “Tahoe Park“  It is the main area that contains the park (hence “Tahoe Park”).

Black: This portion North of Broadway is referred to as “Tahoe Terrace”. This section is located in the 95817 zip code, whereas other sections are located in 95820. The 95817 zip code is also shared by some other areas of Sacramento that are definitely a different market area than Tahoe Park. Just because a zip code is shared does not mean that two areas are the same neighborhood. The area to the West of this section is the “Elmhurst” neighborhood.

Light Blue: This portion is referred to as “West Tahoe Park“. The houses in this area are located close to a main street (Stockton Blvd) and tend to be fairly similar, but there are several streets that have a different feel to them in terms of design. These different portions contain brick houses or bungalows which are less prominent throughout other areas of Tahoe Park. There are also a couple of houses built in the 1990s in this area.

Green:  This portion is called “Tahoe Park South”. Just West of this section is the “Colonial Heights” neighborhood. 21st Street at the Southern border of this section is a natural divider due to its large median. There is an element of “charm” throughout Tahoe Park due to the area being generally kept up and houses containing era elements that buyers prefer. This “charm” element begins to fade the further South one travels from the green portion to “Tallac Village“. There is a noticeable value difference for being located in “Tahoe Park” when considering other nearby neighborhoods.

Orange: This portion is referred to as “Tahoe Park East” (includes Hiram Johnson High School too) and I actually used to live in this part of Sacramento years ago. The main stretch of housing is located off of Maita Circle and contains single family detached ranch-style properties along with a row of duplexes off of Redding Avenue (Eastern side of Redding). The local High School, Hiram Johnson HS, is located just West of Redding Avenue. North of Maita Circle on Redding Avenue are some properties with larger lot sizes on the Western portion of the street. There is a Little League field tucked in the corner of this orange section as well as a string of commercial properties on the Eastern edge.

All in all, each portion above may be described separately to a degree and yet they all tend to show up in MLS listings as “Tahoe Park”. This brings us to ask then if there are value premiums for certain areas of Tahoe Park. Well, some say that the further North you go, properties become more preferable to buyers, but some say there is no premium because if a house and street in any of the portions is right for the buyer, the market may see similar pricing in any section of Tahoe Park. It seems that there is generally not a hard and fast rule at hand because the location, view, condition, design, level of charm, lot size and layout, among other features all play into the equation for buyers.

Asking these types of questions, doing research, and knowing the intricacies of the local market is a crucial part of the appraisal process. If you have any questions about Tahoe Park or any potential appraisal needs, please contact me at 916-595-3735 or ryan [at] lundquistcompany.com