podcast on sacramento appraisal blogIn 2010 the Sacramento Appraisal Blog will be offering podcasts. This feature will enable audio market updates, interviews with local real estate agents, and discussions of other relevant local topics. Due to a technical issue, all future audio posts as of July 2010 will be posted on the Sacramento Appraisal “Audio” Blog.

Click the image below to visit the Sacramento Appraisal (Audio) Blog:

Prior posts to July 2010 are listed below:  

Podcast 1:  Podcasts Coming to the Sacramento Appraisal Blog (12/27/2009)
Podcast 2:  Recap of 2009 Sacramento Area Real Estate Market (12/31/2009)
Podcast 3:  12 Tips for Being a Good Neighbor in 2010 (01/04/2010)
Podcast 4:  Pricing and Details for Bankruptcy Appraisals (01/12/2010)
Podcast 5:  Is Market Value the Highest Price? (03/12/2010)

This will be an exciting feature in 2010, and if you have any suggestions for topics, feel free to contact me. Podcasts won’t be limited to real estate topics alone. Additionally, if you think you you’d be a good interview, I’m open ears.

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