The Anatolia Market in Rancho Cordova: Past 90 Days

What has been happening in the Anatolia real estate market lately? Anatolia is a planned community located in the Southern territory of Rancho Cordova near Sunrise Blvd. & Douglas Rd. 

Over the past 90 days there have been 93 sales within the Anatolia market area (95742 zip code of Rancho Cordova). These sales are depicted below on the graph:


There are currently 92 available properties in the Anatolia market (per MLS). It is possible that not all builders within Anatolia are listing their properties on MLS, though it is typical for them to do so in today’s market).


Anatolia Neighborhood Data in Rancho Cordova, CA:

  • 92 current Active listings (Active, Active Short Sale)
  • 48 current Pending Listings
  • 93 sales over past 90 days
  • Median Price over past 90 days: $300,000
  • Low Sale over past 90 days: $170,000
  • High Sale over past 90 days: $513,000

The information above can be informative to the casual reader who is interested in local data, for the Anatolia home owner, and also for prospective home owners. If you are pondering the data and have questions or any sort of potential appraisal needs, please comment above or contact me at 916-595-3735 or

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