City of Carmichael Market Trends (Sacramento Region)

What’s happening in the Carmichael real estate market lately? The graph below displays the past 36 months of sales. What do you see?


For starters, the overall trend appears to be declining over the past 36 months. No surprise there, huh? We are seeing this phenomenon in most niches in the Sacramento area. It looks like the bulk of sales over the past 90 days have sold between 200-300K, though there are certainly sales well beyond that range. It is also evident that there have been fewer sales above $1,000,000 in the past year.

Carmichael Real Estate Market Data:

  • 85 sales over past 90 days
  • Median Price of $219,000 over past 90 days
  • Low Price of $72,000 over past 90 days
  • High Price of $2,200,000 over past 90 days
  • Average Days on Market over past 90 days: 84
  • 125 current Active listings
  • 76 current Short Sale Active listings
  • 60 current Pending listings
  • 21 properties have sold above $1,000,000 over the past 36 months
  • 4 properties have sold above $1,000,000 over past 12 months

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NOTE: Carmichael is technically not a city, but a Census-Designated Place (CDP) in Sacramento County.

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