The Galleria mall fire & unemployment in Placer County

Here are the latest unemployment rates for all cities and CDPs in Placer County as of September 2010 per EDD. For reference, the unemployment rate in Placer County in Sepetember2009 was 10.9% (as opposed to 11.5% in September 2010). It’s not a surprise to see an increase in umeployment over the past year since that is happening all over the Sacramento Region.

It’ll be interesting to see if there is an increase in unemployment in the Roseville area next month in light of the Gallteria mall burning last week. This of course assumes companies will not be able to provide work for employees over the next few months as the mall is rehabbed and also that employees live locally in Rosevile and Rocklin. It’s reported, for instance, that Macy’s will relocate their Galleria employees until the work has been completed, but there is nothing definitive yet about what Nordstrom will do. In the mean time too there is a “Keep Shopping in Roseville” page on Facebook.

Do you know anyone that works at the Galleria Mall? How have various employers and employees handled the situation thus far?


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