It is a huge honor when others share my content on and offline, but I wanted to take a minute to unpack my sharing policy so we’re on the same page. There are definitely several ways to share my content without completely reproducing it or without having to ask me either. Don’t even worry about asking about #1-4, but please ask me about #5.

Five ways you can share my content:

  1. Graphs: Feel free to share my graphs (unaltered). Please link back to my blog if you can. You can also share graphs in your real estate newsletter as much as you want. If you share on Facebook, don’t worry about a link because that would look clunky. You can tag me if you want, but just make sure your post ends up looking good for your audience.
  2. Videos: Feel free to share my videos (unaltered). Please link back to my blog if you can.
  3. Photos: Share any of the photos I’ve taken (unaltered). Keep in mind I do use stock photos at times in my posts, so I have the rights to the photos because I’ve paid for them. I don’t know that you would have the rights if you use them, so be careful there. You can always ask me to be sure if a photo is mine or a stock image. Please give credit / a link back if possible.
  4. Posts: You can share links to posts on Facebook or any social network. If you want to share actual snippets of posts (unaltered) on your blog or somewhere else, I’d appreciate my posts not being shared in their entirety. It’s always nice to see someone share a paragraph or two of my thoughts, insert their own commentary and then link to the rest of my article. This is a great social media practice because you share something valuable that I created that will benefit your audience, but your readers also still have a reason to visit my site after reading your article. I’ll do the same for your content too. This helps sharing be good for you and me (and it honors the time it took for me to produce original content).
  5. Print or Full Post: If you plan to print my posts for any reason, please email me for written permission. Also be sure to give credit on your document or presentation by listing my blog link and name. If you would like to republish a post in its entirety, please ask me. I usually say YES to anyone in the real estate community unless the post is being used to explicitly market a product or something. I love when agents use my stuff in their newsletters and such, so just reach out. Thanks.

Again, it’s a huge honor when you share. Please share away. Thank you for respecting my original content and honoring my hard work too. That means a great deal to me. If you have questions, let me know. I am reachable and always willing to talk with media, bloggers, real estate professionals and other interested parties. I’m a nice guy too, so even if we don’t know each other, you can reach out.

The Fine Print: The material and information contained on this website is the copyrighted property of Ryan Lundquist and Lundquist Appraisal Company.


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