Sharing, copying and real estate blogging

I attended a real estate social media class and the speaker said, “Just cut and paste other people’s posts into your own blog. Boom. Blogging in just a few minutes”. What’s wrong with that?

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Is cutting and pasting someone’s entire blog content and using it on your own site really sharing? Or is it something else? This is important for the real estate community and really any industry to understand – especially when we hear advice like the speaker gave above. Blogging can be a very powerful tool to help build an online voice for your business, but it’s important to do it the right way. I hope this will be insightful for you, whether you have a real estate blog or you’re considering starting one (go for it). Additionally, I hope this article will help clarify what I mean when encouraging others to share my content (see 5 ways you can share my stuff). When I say, “you can share some of my content”, some people hear “you can copy my posts verbatim”, but that’s definitely not what I mean. Mostly this is just about having good manners online and creating content on your blog that will help grow your business.

What is the difference between copying and sharing real estate articles?

It is copying when…

  1. You cut and paste without giving credit.
  2. There is no link back to the original article.
  3. You didn’t ask permission to share an entire article.
  4. There is no reason why your reader would need to read the author’s website because you included all of the author’s content on your site.

It is sharing when…

  1. You clearly give credit to the author where it is due.
  2. You link back to the original article.
  3. You have permission to share an entire article.
  4. You include a snippet of the article, insert your own thoughts and leave room for your reader to visit the author’s website (just like Doug did last week with one of my graphs). In most cases it is probably okay to share snippets of posts without permission as long as you clearly identify the original author’s words and link back, but be sure to know the author’s sharing policy and realize it’s still a good idea to reach out and ask the author.

The Bottom line: Make it your ambition to respect other people’s original work. If someone took time to create something useful, honor them for it. Don’t just use someone’s content so you can get more traffic on your site or compensate for the lack of time you’re willing to put into developing your own content.

blogging-tipsSome Quick Blogging Tips:

  1. Original: Write original posts. Cutting and pasting is not blogging.
  2. You: People want to get to know you on your blog, so be sure to balance sharing portions of other people’s content with developing your own.
  3. Target Audience: Who are you writing for? Knowing this will help guide what you write about and how frequently you write.
  4. Content: What do you know that will help clients and future clients? Your blog posts can simply answer questions your clients are asking.
  5. Resource: Make it your goal to share helpful information on your blog. Be known for being an incredible resource to clients and the general public. Look in your “sent” email folder for post ideas because chances are you’ve answered questions recently that will make for great blog posts.
  6. Rhythm: Be consistent with your posts, whether you write once or month or even multiple times per week. Readers should know what to expect from you.
  7. Other tips? Comment below.

BLOGGING RESOURCES: If you’re looking for some more advice on real estate blogging or wondering how to get started, check out Quick tips for real estate blogging or How to develop original blog content or 10 ways to be a spammy real estate person online. By the way, I’m speaking about effective real estate blogging at the NorCal Real Estate Expo in two weeks. I’d love to see you there.

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I hope this was helpful.

Thank you for being here. I sincerely appreciate it and I am truly honored when you share my content too (within the confines of my sharing policy of course). Seriously.

Question: Any insight, comments or blogging tips to share?

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My policy on sharing content online

It’s a huge honor when people share my posts, videos and photos on their blogs and websites. It’s actually something I encourage and welcome too if it’ll benefit another blog audience. But I do want to take a minute to communicate clearly on my policy for sharing content online from the Sacramento Appraisal Blog so we’re on the same page and can share happily ever after. Here are six simple requests:

  1. Graphs: Feel free to share my graphs (unaltered). Please link back to my blog.
  2. Videos: Feel free to share my videos (unaltered). Please link back to my blog.
  3. Photos: Share any of my photos (unaltered). Please give credit / a link back.
  4. Share the blogPosts: Share snippets of posts (unaltered), but I’d appreciate my posts not being shared in their entirety on your blog or website. It’s always nice to see someone share a paragraph of my thoughts, insert their own commentary and then link to the rest of the article. This seems like a great social media policy to me. Why? Because you share something valuable created here to benefit your audience, but your readers also still have a reason to visit my site too instead of just yours. This helps sharing be good for you and me.
  5. Similar Use: Share any media above or other files on your blog or website in the same way I use them – not a different way. This helps keep the integrity of the media intact. If you have any idea for usage in another way, contact me.
  6. Other: If you have questions, let me know. I am reachable and always willing to talk with media, bloggers and real estate (and other) professionals. I’m all about being a resource to you and your readers.

Again, thank you for sharing my content. It means a great deal to me when others think my stuff is good enough for their audience. As we share posts, my hope is to be able to maximally create value together. Know that I will always give you proper credit and links, and work hard to honor your content.

Any questions? Do you have a similar policy? Anything you’d add or change?

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