Photos from the Field: Placerville

I always enjoy appraising properties in Placerville, but this weekend was different because I took my wife to a local Bed & Breakfast called the Glen Morey Country House. We enjoyed a much needed time of relaxation where we intentionally did nothing more than have conversation, walk through Downtown Placerville, drink coffee, and read. Well, there was that one MLB playoff game we watched on TV on Friday night too. It’s so important to find time to get away from the hustle of business and raising kids.

If you have not been to Downtown Placerville, I’d encourage you to check it out. It’s an easy detour on the way to Apple Hill or South Lake Tahoe.

The photo below is of a coffee house we discovered called “Centro.” Not only was the java great, but I am such a big fan of architecture, and this building definitely was impressive in design.

Placerville Centro Lundquist Appraisal Company

Here are two photos of the Glen Morey Country House. This house was built 150 years ago in 1859. I was delighted with the era features of the home as well as the privacy and setting of the property. And of course, I really enjoyed the porch. Anyone who knows me well understands my high esteem for the role of the porch in a community. I wrote previously about the prominence of the porch HERE.



No, I am not being paid to advertise any of the businesses above. I’m simply sharing some “Photos from the Field“. Usually this category includes images I snapped between appraisal inspections, but the ones here were simply about leisure. Photos from the Field: Placerville

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