“Fotomat” Coffee Shops: Photos from the Field

While on an appraisal inspection in Los Banos this morning I made a pit stop to a local “Fotomat” style coffee shop to re-fuel. I’ve noticed this little java hub over the past several years, but never actually stopped, so I figured I would become a customer today.

FotomatI don’t know about you, but little drive-through businesses like this remind me of the small blue and yellow photo huts in years past. Do you remember “Fotomat“? Though I doubt Cafe E Via was formerly a Fotomat (too big), this shop is definitely similar in concept. In fact, when I see old Fotomats from time to time, it seems the most predominant use is a coffee shop. Maybe that’s the highest and best use? What do you think? What is the most successful type of business you’ve seen using a former Fotomat building? Did you used to shop at Fotomat?


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  1. Santos says

    In our area, we have a Fotomat converted into a tamale stand as well as another selling tobacco and cigars!! It’s always interesting to see how the business environment changes with or without technology. When is the last time you developed any photos–now that is the real question here! 🙂 As a child of the 80’s, this was a very nostalgic post for me.

    • Sac Ryan says

      I’d love to see the “Fotomats” in your area. I wonder how much monthly rent would be on something like that (or how much to purchase). The last time I developed film was in 1999 or 2000.

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