Business Tip: Remembering Facetime and Facebook

I buy into the idea of establishing a solid online presence as well as using techie tools to connect with people. That’s why I have multiple websites, a blogTwitter account, YouTube page, and I’m on Facebook too (among other things). What I don’t buy into though is that having all these things alone makes a business successful or even more marketable. After all, you can look the part and play the game, but still reap no greenbacks, right? 

social-media2Internet and social networking avenues are important (crucial) for many businesses, but nothing replaces face time with existing and prospective clients. I’m no expert, but getting in front of people and building authentic relationships is irreplaceable. Sure, I understand that relationships are built online. I know. I do it everyday and I enjoy it too. All I’m saying is that when all is said and done, there is still something special about contact in person with clients. 

Business is about relationship, so if you are looking to drum up more work in 2010, then find ways to get in front of people both online and in person.


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