Before & After Pictures: Redevelopment

I asked a friend if I could post some images of before and after from one if his recent redeveloped properties. When we hear the word “flip” we sometimes think of an investor slopping on some paint and doing basic cosmetic repairs to hide the real condition of the property. That’s not the case though with Housing Group Fund, a local company in the Sacramento area. They are one of a handful of builders who are doing some really great redevelopment work with SHRA under the umbrella of the NSP, which stands for “Neighborhood Stabilization Program”.

Enjoy some before and after pictures of an entry level home in Sacramento.

If you have any questions about the NSP, I am happy to let you know what I know, or connect you with Dennis Lanni of Housing Group Fund. No, I am not being paid to advertise somebody’s services. It’s definitely worth mentioning though because many first-time homebuyers are finding really great homes in fantastic condition. Moreoever, this type of redevelopment helps challenged neighborhoods improve.


  1. says


    Great pics! You are right, sometimes the word “flipping” does give some bad connotations, but this company looks like they do a great job. I am trying to do some work for the NSP as well, hopefully it will work out.

    • Sac Ryan says

      That’s right indeed. We saw some pretty bad examples of “flipping” during the housing boom in our area. How about yours? Thanks for the comment, Tom.

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