A South Sacramento McMansion: Seeing 2 Houses

I took a photo of a “McMansion” today in South Sacramento. This house is currently for sale and is a whopping 3,293 square feet in the middle of a neighborhood of mostly single-story 1100-1400 square foot homes (with 3 or 4 bedrooms). It looks like this one may have actually been 1607 square feet originally, so it was already on the upper end of gross living area for the neighborhood, but now it has grown to over twice its original size. This house weighs in now as a 6 bedroom / 3 bathroom property (with a 3-car garage). What do you think?


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      It’s definitely not priced twice as high as the more typical-sized properties. It suffers like an overbuilt house, and in this economy, someone is going to get a huge house for pretty cheap.

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