Real Estate Broker Keith Klassen “Raids the Aisle”

A local real estate broker and friend, Keith Klassen, did something pretty cool today. This made my day!!! Along with his wife and kids, the Klassen tribe decided to go and “raid the sock aisle” at a local store in Sacramento. This is to benefit Project 680, which you know I am a part of and have been talking about lately. The Klassen family generously purchased 132 pairs of socks for the upcoming Project 680 Sock Drive. Our goal has been to raise at least 2000 pairs of socks for local homeless students in the Folsom Cordova Unified School District, so 132 pairs is a really fantastic dent toward meeting this goal.

Isn’t it so wonderful to see how the Klassen kids were so intentionally involved as decision makers in this video? Way to go Keith.

Make sure to visit Keith’s website below. Thanks everyone!!!

Keith Klassen
Real Estate Broker


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