Should the Arden-Arcade area of Sacramento become a city?

Will the Arden-Arcade area of Sacramento become a city? We shall see. There is a measure on the ballot for November 2010 that puts this important decision in the hands of residents (Measure D). 

If you live in the Arden-Arcade community or have an opinion about cityhood either way, I am very curious to hear what you think, especially as it pertains to the current quality of life under Sacramento County. I’m paying close attention to this issue because it’s my professional duty to know what is happening locally, but more than that I am a resident of the newest city in the Sacramento area and my Rancho Cordova antennas are tuning in.

The image below shows boundaries for Arden-Arcade.  

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  1. Dane Carmichael says

    Rancho Cordova, Elk Grove, even Citrus Heights have been able to make it because of tax financing from new development — residential and business expansion. That’s not the case in Arden Arcade. The area is built out, Country Club Plaza is teetering on bankruptcy, the old Tower Records across the street has absolutely nothing going for it and many auto dealers are moving out if they haven’t already done so. A new city is beyond risky. Either we’ll have to accept higher taxes to maintain current service levels or we’ll be a second-class city. This is a stunningly unintelligent idea hatched by a few people whose egos have gotten in the way of their common sense.

    • says

      Thanks Dane for your thoughts. You are right. There aren’t too many vacant lots awaiting construction in Arden-Arcade, and certainly no master-planned subdivisions will be coming to the area. I think you articulated the “stay Sacramento” side very well. I’d really like to hear from the pro-cityhood side on this matter for what the true benefits of cityhood are.

      As a resident of Rancho Cordova, I am very glad that we became a city. This does not mean that every CDP should make the jump to cityhood, but for us it was sorely needed and definitely the right decision. You mentioned the tax revenue from new construction, and that has been a wonderful help for the city. Additionally, there is a profound sense of volunteerism and community spirit here. On top of that, RC recruited a forward-thinking City Manager. All these factors have helped contribute to a successful first 8 years of cityhood.

      I could go on and on. This is a very important decision for the Arden-Arcade community. I’ll be watching closely.

    • Deana says

      Dane, I think the reasons you listed NOT becoming a city are the same as my reasons FOR supporting cityhood. We have many problems in our area that need to be addressed. If we sit back and hope the county will take action to improve our area, we will be waiting for a long time and our community will likely continue to decline. Whether than complain that things are too bad to become a city, why not take control of our forgotten community, keep our revenue here, and work together to make it an even better place to live and do business. I know many of the people involved in the cityhood movement and they are fantastic people who love this community and want to do what they can to make it the best it can be. It has nothing to do with EGO. How sad it would be if people who are afraid of change or attached to a name on their address allow this opportunity to slip away.

      • says

        I’d like to hear Dane’s response if he gets the comment via email. I’m starting to see more and more of your signs nowadays in the community, Deana, as I drive through. I’m anxious to see how the vote swings in November.

    • says

      Sorry, but no! Empirically, I remember Citrus Heights when nearly all of what was Birdcage Walk and much of Sunrise Mall was vacant and boarded up. Now that shopping area is thriving. This in an area that was “built out” with little or no vacant space, just like Arden Arcade. That tends to happen when you have neighborhood officials just a little way down Greenback Lane who give a damn, as opposed to county supervisors who, no matter how well intentioned, are busy enough with the courts and other countywide services.

  2. says

    I care about Arden Arcade I live here. I care about what it is and I care about what it can be and I want our tax dollars to stay in Arden Arcade area.

    I didn’t choose to live in the city of Sacramento and I don’t want to pay their taxes or see my tax money spend on Sacramento City Council projects.

    I want our tax dollars spend on protecting public safety, transportation and protecting our quality of life in Arden Arcade.

    • says

      Thank you Carl for the comment. I see you are running for City Council for Arden-Arcade. I really like the statement on your website, “Remember Arden-Arcade will be no better than what we make it!” Whether Arden-Arcade becomes a city or not, your statement is very true. I believe profoundly that residents need to shape their future (that’s not a statement for or against cityhood, by the way). Good luck in the race.

  3. John Coder says

    The fear I have heard expressed from many people who are pro-citihood is that if we don’t we will be added to the city of Sacramento, which would mean loosing control of Parks and Rec and maybe Fire Stations. I don’t know how true either is. I don’t see why we need to duplicate services that either the county or city of Sacramento already provide. I would like to see my taxes improve my community and not get siphoned off and spent elsewhere, but maybe we should be working with the City of Sacramento rather than try and duplicate all the services a city needs?

    • says

      John, I’d be very curious to hear the truth in the matter. As a resident in a newly formed city (8 years ago), I can speak for Rancho Cordova regarding police and fire. We do not have our own fire department, but we do have fire service of course and fire stations. We contract with Sacramento County for police services. There are dedicated officers who serve only Rancho Cordova and others who serve only part-time in Rancho.

      Does Arden-Arcade have its own park district right now? Or is it a shared park district with other local cities and/or CDPs?

  4. John Coder says

    I don’t know if we have our own or shared, but in a meeting they seemed to be emphasizing that we would not recieve the same level of service.

    Has the city of Sacramento added an unincorporated area in the recent past and how has that gone?

  5. Maria Farnsworth says

    I have been a resident of this area since 1974 (36yrs), but was from a town 70 miles north of here, Spent summers here with my sister in the mid sixties.. I remember what this area use to look like.. It was a very nice place to live.. but now the County cannot take care of us anymore..As a new City we can restore the quality of life, hire back law enforcement to protect our community as they are meant to. We are only extracting from the County services they were never suppose to provide. They are now in DEBT!!!! Do you want to continue down that road? for how long? Our tax dollars will stay in our community and help to revitalize this area.. Taxes CANNOT BE RAISED WITHOUT A VOTE!
    This is going to be our last chance to Help Our Community.. Nov 2nd Vote Yes!

    • says

      Maria, it certainly is telling that Elk Grove, Citrus Heights and Rancho Cordova all became cities. Clearly people want to govern themselves. If it doesn’t pass this time around, it will be even more difficult for a second round at the ballot box.


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