Oak Park “Extreme Makeover” by Housing Group Fund

In May I posted about a major bank-owned fixer in the Oak Park area of Sacramento. Well, round 2 of video is now here as I shot the following promo a couple days ago as I met Housing Group Fund at this 36th Street property to watch tressels be installed.

If you cannot see the video in your RSS or email, click HERE. Thanks for watching. What do you think?

I recorded the video with my Flip camera, and the cool thing is my client kicked down a little money for me to do a video for them this time around.


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    Wow, Ryan! The before and current conditions are certainly a stark contrast. It looks like this group is helping to revitalize your market! Congrats to them and to you for such a well put together video! I’m going to start carrying around a bag of dog treats during video times, locations! LOL! Bill

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      Thanks, Bill. I know, that darn dog. Once it started barking, it wouldn’t be quiet. We already had asked the workers to turn off their generator, so we weren’t about to have them wait much longer for when the dog stopped.


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