My $15.03 investment in fax marketing in 2008

Do you get junk faxes? I usually get a couple spammy faxes per month, and so today’s “Florida vacation offer” was no surprise. This one fax actually got me thinking though about marketing strategies as well as a marketing piece I did in early 2008. I don’t know that I would still word things exactly the way I did, but I wanted to share this “Starbucks fax campaign” because it really illustrates some things about business. This is an older idea, but it just might still pack a punch.


Investing in Business: It’s so important to continue to meet people and consider ways we might connect with others, use new technology, be a blessing, and earn people’s trust for new business. When we stop marketing, our businesses start dying. Of course there thankfully isn’t much buzz about “fax marketing” nowadays, and I won’t say that my idea in early 2008 was novel, but I do think it gets points for creativity. It certainly earned me a few thousand dollars at least too. That’s not bad for investing $15.03 (five drinks and a three-cent phone call).

Questions: Moving forward in business is about providing a great product and service, trying new ideas, letting certain marketing methods die out and keeping things personal. Have you tried things in the past that you would never do again? What opportunities do you see right now for connecting with people in your field? Lastly, did you ever use a fax machine for marketing?

UPDATED ON 04/18/2013: If you came over from the Appraisal Buzz article I wrote, thank you for visiting. If you end up trying this idea, let me know how it goes.

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    Ah what a great eye catcher! Good job for creativity. I used to be a Loan Officer, and back in the 80’s & 90’s I used to call on real estate offices. I brought loaves of bread in. Honestly, it didnt work at getting very much business, and I think that the Advance Obligation approach would have been better. The fax premises a coffee, in exchange for a meeting and friendly conversation that hopefully will turn into business! The obligation is there once they sign up. I think I may try this approach with a new marketing idea I have–Lawyers who need appraisals!

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      Nice idea about the bread. I think it’s good for anyone in business to use their own creativity and bring outside abilities and passions into the mix where possible and relevant too. I’ve applied some of my creative bent at times to help clients (especially with video too lately). I think what worked with the “fax marketing” was that they wanted me to come in their office rather than me cold-knocking on their door. Little treats can go a long way. I’m waiting by my fax machine right now to see if someone might fax me a drink order form. 🙂 I hope you develop your idea to connect with local attorneys. It sounds like you have something brewing and I think that’s wonderful. Good for you.

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      I use to bring cookies to the loan officers and real estate offices when I was a Title Rep….they loved it!

      I thinkg this is a fantastic idea, Ryan, wish I would have thought of it back then.

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        Pam, thanks so much for stopping by. I think you might have told me you used to be a Title rep at some point, but I had forgotten. Now that’s an industry that changed since title reps can no longer butter up their clients like that. Thanks for the kudos, Pam. You’re the best.

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      Keith, I thought we were going to keep it at the grande level? Actually, we need to grab some Joe very soon. It’s been far too long since you and D and I have had a little Peets session. Let’s make that happen really soon.

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