The value of “street view” on Google Maps

Do you use the Google Maps app on your smart phone? Have you seen the “street view” feature yet? This feature is of course available online, but it’s neat to see on a smart phone too. I think “street view” is a great tool to begin to see a neighborhood in more detail before physically going there. Have a look at the video below (or here) and let me know how you think street view might come in handy for you.

If you have an iPhone and need to use “street view”, check out this well-written article from REbliss. The iPhone and Android app are similar, but they do have differences.

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    It’s awesome to see the street from all angles. I love Google Maps “street view” … even though I don’t like Bing itself, I have to say their maps are also quite awesome with the “bird’s eye view.” Not sure what the mobile capabilities are though for Bing Maps.. Back to google maps: some areas are outdated or currently accurate, it can be a fun resource to get a sense of the area. It seems like they are adding more and more territory/streets each week.

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      Thanks Heather. I’ve not experimented with Bing much. I wonder what their mobile app does. The images are definitely dated. There is a pillar that was knocked down in Rancho Cordova in the past few months, for example, but Google Maps still shows the pillar being up. On another note, it’s funny to see some of the images caught on “street view”. The app actually has a “report” feature in case you find something that might not be apprropriate. I did find a friend doing some gardening in front of his house in Mather. That was funny to see.

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    Hi Ryan! Welcome back! I can’t speak from an appraisers point of view, but as someone who is absolutely attached to the hip with my phone’s GPS, street view rocks. An actual picture of where you are going sometimes helps me realize I am A. In the right place or B. I just passed it.

    I can imagine it might be very helpful for appraisers and real estate agents – event police, firefighters and EMTs for many reasons.

    I look forward to “hearing” what other appraisers have to say!

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      Thanks so much. It’s great to be back. I think street view has great potential on vacation too. Not only would it be good for picking out a hotel to check out the location beforehand, but it could be a real asset to help you get where you need to go if you need more of a visual instead of aerial map. Good insight.


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