Taxes too high, graphs & saving $1,750 in Folsom

Don’t just tell me, show me. In all my tax appeals and appraisals, I like to visually display what is happening in the market. It helps get a point across and sometimes shows a certain trend too. In the case below, a home owner in the Hillcrest neighborhood in Folsom contacted me about disputing his property taxes. As you can see, the Sacramento County Assessor’s Office had his property assessed around $940,000. When looking at the graph though, does something seem suspect? Being that there were zero sales above $900,000 over the past 2+ years in the entire City of Folsom, there are some red flags. Granted, there could definitely be a reason why a property is valued as a “lone ranger” (especially in Hillcrest), but in this case after my valuation was complete, true value was $140,000 less than assessed value (that’s about $1,750 in property taxes).

What do you think of the graph? What trends have you seen in Folsom lately?

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