Celebrating a $5,303 community yard sale

I mentioned a week ago about a community yard I was helping lead to raise funds for a new neighborhood sign. After an incredible amount of work these past few weeks, I am very pleased to announce our yard sale total was a whopping $5,303. I am truly amazed and it has been wonderful to see the community really pull together to make this happen. This effort involved hard work from so many people and I’m elated to announce enough money was raised to design and build a new concrete neighborhood entrance sign.

This new sign will help rebrand a corner and also help improve the image of the neighborhood too, which can have an impact on property value over time. It’s often the “small things” in neighborhoods like keeping lawns mowed, the right types of fencesdoing basic stuff and even neighborhood signs that help foster an image for the community – whether positive or negative.

On a different but related note, I used YouTube videos (like this one) to help show people what we had to offer at the sale. I found them to be very effective to post on Craigslist and email too. There were 437 hits on three videos over the weekend, which was worth the minimal effort I put into making them. It was great to have a huge turnout too on Sunday after Fox 40, News 10 and Channel 13 interviewed us on Saturday. I spoke at all the interviews, though I’ve only actually seen one of them. I have no idea how they turned out.

The moral of the story? Good things can happen in a neighborhood when neighbors get intentional. Do you have any stories of great things happening in your community? What would you like to see change? How do you market your yard sales?

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