No break in property taxes for the Maloofs this year

The Maloofs saved quite a bit in property taxes a year ago, but 2012 won’t bring the same fortune. Well, if your property taxes don’t go up, that’s still somewhat of a win, right? As you can see in the graph below, Power Balance Pavillion was assessed near $60 million from 2008-2010, but had a dramatic decrease in assessed value in 2011, which has resulted in an assessment for 2011-2012 at $29,129,000.

Property Taxes for Power Balance Pavillion 1 Sports Parkway Sacramento

There are technically five separate parcels for the arena in Natomas, but the above graph only considers 1 Sports Pkwy since it is the largest and most heavily taxed parcel (it’s the parcel that includes the arena). The other four parcels really only comprise a minimal addition to the overall tax picture.

Breakdown of assessed value for 1 Sports Parkway
2012 assessed value: $29,129,000
2011 assessed value: $29,129,000
2010 assessed value: $56,534,445
2009 assessed value: $58,844,792
2008 assessed value: $59,595,796

Cost of an Arena: $29 million might seem like a low value for an entire arena, but keep in mind the original stadium was constructed for about $40 million in 1987 (Wikipedia states today’s costs would be $78.6 million in 2012 dollars). For further reference, there was talk in recent months of building a new arena to replace the current one, and the projected cost was closer to $400 million.

What stands out to you about the figures above? What do you think it would’ve been like to have a new arena (the plan failed for anyone that didn’t know)?

FYI: Property taxes for 2012 were posted days ago by the Sacramento County Assessor. I recommend all property owners to look over their assessed value closely (click this link) to make sure you are paying your fair share of taxes – and no more. The value should be based on January 1, 2012 (NOT today). If you have any questions about the property tax appeal process or would like my tax appeal company to look up your property for free, please click here.

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