I support homeless students from “head to toe”

I like what I do, but you’ll probably never catch me saying appraisals are my passion. What is my passion? Rooting for the underdog. That’s why I’m taking a break from real estate talk to announce Project 680’s “Head to Toe” drive for homeless students. Project 680 is a volunteer organization I help steer, and its work matters deeply to me. It’s sobering that local kids are living in some sketchy places right now and going without some of the basics – like adequate shoes and clothing. The “Head to Toe” drive is simply a response to help these students in relevant ways. It’s about the community finding a solution to a local problem.

I’ll donate $1 to Project 680 for every comment, Facebook share and tweet this post gets (up to $100). Thanks for spreading the word.

Check out a one-minute promo video below (or here) and read more about a few ways to get involved. It’s amazing what can happen when we get intentional as a community about responding to needs around us. Project 680 is looking for more people to get involved (churches, businesses, families, individuals, schools, etc…). What about you? Let’s join forces together.

Project 680

UPDATE: Thank you so much for spreading the news. This post was shared on Facebook about 30 times that I know of, tweeted 30-40 times (the button isn’t correct below) and fetched some comments too. I will cut a check for $100 at some point this week. It’s neat to see how we can share information and use social media to spread vision for a cause. Thank you everyone.

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    • says

      Thanks so much Tom. By the way, my friend Susan Wright, a local pastor in Rancho Cordova, saw my post on Facebook and said she would donate to the cause for every comment, tweet, FB share and pin (up to $50). So this comment responds to Tom, but it’s also my way of donating one more dollar to Project 680. Thanks Susan.

    • says

      Thanks Heather. AND thank you for donating several packs of underwear today. I loved getting an Amazon notice that underwear was coming to Project 680 on behalf of you and Steve. What a kind and unexpected surprise. You guys are really something.

  1. David Kenitzer says

    Nice work getting the word out, Ryan! If I buy a hoodie from Amazon, could I just have it shipped directly to one of the Project680 Drop-Off Locations?

    • says

      Thanks, David. It’s neat to see so many people sharing (unfortunately the “tweet” button is a bit broken and not recording many tweets, but oh well). I really appreciate you sharing in all the places you did. Yes, that would be awesome (I could even send you my address too). Thank you for your consideration.

  2. Laurie J says

    While I don’t want to see you go broke, I am excited that you are supporting such a worthy cause! 🙂 I’m definitely checking out the video – this is a message worth passing on.

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