New Assessed Property Values are Available Today (Sacramento County)

The Sacramento County Assessor’s Office has their 2009-10 assessed values up on their website as of today. You can go HERE and search for your house based upon the beginning letter of your street name. If you get stuck in the process, go ahead and give me a call at 916-595-3735.

This is a very important figure by the Assessor’s Office. This can very well determine whether you will be comfortable with their level of assessment or move forward with a property tax appeal. My property, for instance, is still assessed $35,000 too high and that basically works out to me paying $350 too much in property taxes this year. Some residents may be much worse off though unfortunately.

Please see our property tax appeal website at or you are welcome to call 916-595-3735 or send us an email too at


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      Thanks for the comment. I sometimes do full appraisals for tax appeal situations, but most of the time they are not needed. A much more limited valuation product suffices the vast majority of the time in my experience (of course depending on what type of property is being appraised). Best wishes for you.

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