I was Mentioned in a Working RE Magazine Article!!!

get_imageI was excited for Winter’s edition of Working RE magazine to arrive in the mail today. Bill Cobb, an appraiser in Baton Rouge, wrote an article entitled “Using Blogs to Grow Your Business”. The two-page article is very informative for appraisers and inspectors, and I was honored to be included as an example in the story. I included the original content below for reference. Follow Working RE on Twitter at @workingremag and view the full article HERE.

Becoming a Trust Agent

Another appraiser experiencing success with WordPress is Ryan Lundquist in Sacramento, California (Lundquist Appraisal Blog and Twitter @SacAppraiser). Ryan has come a long way in a short period of time generating 8,391 visitors [actually 16,196] in 2009 based on his “hit counter”. His is a testimony to how easy WordPress is to use. Ryan has incorporated both local photos and short videos to make his posts very interesting. The philosophy that Ryan and I share is that our sites are where locals find out what’s really taking place in their uncertain housing market. Where else are locals going to get trustworthy news about their housing market? This is an appraiser’s opportunity to shine and become a “trust agent” within their local community. Has this effort paid off for Ryan? Yes, in the form of multiple tax appeal appraisal assignments (non-HVCC compliant appraising).

As always, thank you for following the Sacramento Appraisal Blog. Welcome also to any readers of Working RE magazine. If interested, you can subscribe to posts by RSS, follow on Facebook, or get articles delivered to you by email.


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