What is the difference between a “manufactured” and “modular” home?

I get this question from time to time, and this appraiser in Michigan has a fantastic video to explain the difference between a “manufactured” and “modular” house. There is confusion in the real estate market about this as I constantly see “manufactured” and “modular” interchanged in MLS. They are not the same thing though. See the video below or HERE.

This video is very good and comes from Blaine Feyen. Mr. Feyen is the president of Real Value Group, a real estate appraisal firm located in Grand Rapids, Michigan. www.RealValueGroup.com.

I hope you enjoyed this resource and found it helpful for you.


    • says

      Wendell, thanks for the comment. That’s a great nugget of information. I had not heard Extreme Makeover would be using a modular house. I’ll have to pay attention to that.

  1. Mike Loshe says

    Thanks for the share. Personally I like modular over manufactured. I recently had a modular home built by Custom Smart Homes and have been overwhelmed with the results. Not only was this thing built quickly but I was able to get it prefabricated so when it was built it was move in ready. If I ever have to build another house again I am definitely going modular.

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