How important is social media for your Sacramento area business?

I wrote the other day about the importance of building an online business presence, and I was provoked further today about just how relevant social media truly is. It’s easy to think that newer mediums such as Twitter, Facebook, and blogging are a fad, but take a look at the Socialnomics video below (or here). I saw this today during a presentation by Chris Tellez at the Sacramento Association of Realtors YPC meeting.

What do you think? How does the video make you feel? Do stats like this bring pause about the way you do business or aim to do business in the future? 


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      I hear you, Wendell. This video really gets the wheels of my mind spinning. It amazes me too that Facebook gets more traffic than Google. I really like that one line where it says that “successful companies listen first and sell second”.

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    All of this has been building up a tremendous undercurrent for the past few years and only now are street level businesses catching up to the Social Media concept.

    We recently worked on a campaign for Samsung at the 2010 Winter Olympics. They were a huge mobile sponsor and they hired us and 4 other small teams of social media experts for blogging and vlogging campaigns on their Facebook page. Their fan base rose from a paltry 3000 to over 38,000 in less than 20 days.

    That’s 35,000 people that actually went to their facebook page, signed up and now get personalized advertising pumped right to them well after the initial marketing event. Great ROI.

    So now we’re helping more and more local businesses create an active online presence for their shops because these numbers are right, more people search for products and services via social networks because peer-to-peer advertising is much more effective that traditional ads.

    No fad, just a fact. These applications are primitive and will certainly evolve as we work out the most profitable ways to use them, but small biz owners really need to grasp the basics before the basics become complex re: Moore’s Law


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      Hi Karl, thanks for the comment. Congratulations on your work with Samsung. It’s tremendous to see such a jump in Facebook fans. Obviously that was probably worth their money. It looks like you are a local company too. I clicked on your website. I wonder if we are following each other on Twitter.


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