Built-in Microwaves & Foreclosure

Is this still considered a built-in microwave? It’s a marketing feature too, right? Just be careful when taking out your Lean Cuisine or Hot Pockets because they might slide out to splatter you.

There is often a stigma for properties that are listed as “foreclosures”, so it’s no wonder that bank-owned homes tend to sell for less than regular non-distressed transactions. However, consider too that many times REO properties need things like interior paint, carpet, and even new microwaves (and kitchen repairs) like this Sacramento area house. So foreclosures will sell for less than typical arms-length transactions in many cases, but not just because of the REO stigma, but due to obvious condition issues.  


  1. Cory says

    Warning: do not microwave anything heavier than popcorn!! That’s pretty crazy! Good thoughts on the REO market, Ryan.


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