A flashlight tour of a dark boarded-up house in South Sacramento

I wanted to give you a little tour of a dark boarded fixer-upper house in South Sacramento. Honestly, sometimes it feels a bit creepy to inspect houses like this because utilities are off and every window and door is boarded with plywood. You never know what or who might be lurking in the darkness, right? 

As always, I had permission from my client to shoot and share video. I take client confidentiality very seriously for every appraisal I do, and I never share information on my blog or elsewhere that is confidential.

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What do you think of the video?


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    Good post Ryan. I always like when you give people a peek at what we do on a day to day basis. People really don’t have any idea and I think they find it interesting.

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      I know, Bryan. It had to be squatters getting through. There were large human-sized holes in the Dining Area as well as the garage, so I know breaking in was an issue with this property.


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