A hint of Land Park in the 95815 zip code?

Are you familiar with the “Woodlake” neighborhood in Sacramento? It’s in the “Del Paso” area just south of Arden Way in the 95815 zip code. When hearing “Del Paso” or “North Sacramento,” certain stigmas often come to mind, but when scrolling through pictures of the Woodlake neighborhood below, there’s actually a hint of “Land Park” or “Curtis Park” in terms of style and design (or is it just me?). 

As you can see, the Woodlake neighborhood (outlined in blue) is located in the southern end of the Del Paso area just above Highway 160 and below Arden Way. Did you know this neighborhood was there?

Click on some images below to get a get a feel for the Woodlake neighborhood. I snapped these photos on a rainy day after inspecting a Woodlake house for an appraisal. I’d love to hear your impressions. What do you think?

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  1. says

    Thank you for writing this!

    I love Woodlake – I used to live there in 2 different homes (rented then bought one.) It’s the coolest neighborhood ever because of the homes and because of the groups they have there. The Mom’s Club has been meeting for geez.. 50-60 yrs? and they’re open to new members.

    The Gardening Club does luncheons together and maintains the Woodlake entrance sign.

    They’ve got a newsletter, monthly meetings and the neighborhood parties on the 4th of July and Christmas at the park with parades and speeches. So much fun!

    It really is a jewel of a neighborhood – thanks again for the blog post Ryan! 🙂

  2. says

    Hey Ryan, I just “feel” the community within your post, photos and comments. Great Job on putting this together! I’m learning from you! Keep these coming! Bill

  3. Ruthie Douglas says

    This is a rare opportunity to write about the neighborhood where I grew up. I walked to Woodlake School during grammar school years along the magical pathway sidewalks that are apart of wonderful Southgate Road. There was even a house covered in vines with a fence and lots of trees that we called the “witches” house. We would ring the doorbell and run. I found myself looking on line at the old neighborhood and remembering all of my friends and how close we were. How fortunate we were to have been apart of such a beautiful and treasured environment. We even had a field where we picked yellow daffodils for our mothers. What wonderful memories . What fortune to have been apart of this community.

    • says

      It’s wonderful to hear your experience Ruthie. Thank you so much for the comment. Woodlake really is a magical area. It’s so different than anything in the 95815 obviously, but the homes are eclectic. I appraised a property there two months ago, and it was so nice to drive through the neighborhood. I bet it’s a great place to live. Thank you again.


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