Is that missing deadbolt really an FHA safety issue?

Are you really going to say a missing deadbolt needs to be fixed? Yes. I wanted to share about an issue I’ve been running into lately on my FHA appraisal assignments. The last two investor flips I’ve appraised in Elk Grove have each been missing a deadbolt on the firewall door in the garage. This is obviously a very low-ticket item to replace, but it is a health and safety issue for the FHA appraisal. Why is that? What’s the big deal if the firewall door is breached? What sort of potential risks beyond carbon monoxide might be posed? Watch a brief video below that I shot on my cell phone. Any questions, comments or insight?

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  1. Anne Graviet says

    Is it the lock or the hole that’s the problem? Wouldn’t they want the door to have tight weather-stripping seals all around it too?

    I’m thinking the lock is for safety – to keep bad people from hacking the garage door opener and entering the house, no?

    • says

      Great question. The hole is the problem because it provides an access point for fumes from the garage to the house. If a lack of tight weather-stripping somehow contributed to an unsafe situation, then that should be rectified. There is no requirement for the door to have a lock, but only to close properly. In this case a deadbolt or cover should be installed.

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