Breach of firewall in garage = issue for FHA loan

What is a firewall? Defined by Wikipedia, it’s “a fireproof barrier used to prevent the spread of fire between or through buildings, structures, electrical substation transformers, or within an aircraft or vehicle.” The firewall shown below is a standard one found between a garage and a house as this wall serves to help stop the spread of fire. Do you see a problem with this firewall though?

The cost to repair the large hole is very minimal, but it’s still a safety issue for occupants, which means it is something that needs to be repaired for an FHA loan. I’ve actually seen this issue twice in the past month on investor flips in the Sacramento area, so clearly it’s not something that is being cured every time by sellers before the appraiser heads out.

Here is a photo of a “before” and “after” of a firewall breach. Have you seen a hole as such cause problems before in a house? Might rodents be able to get into the house this way too? Can you think of any other issues this might pose?

Image of breech of firewall for FHA real estate appraisal

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    Thanks for bringing this to everyones attention Ryan. I’m sure this would be a good thing for Realtors to know so that it can be repaired before it becomes an issue in a sale.

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