Client’s property assessment lowered by $190,000

It’s always nice to get good news for clients. Recently I got wind that the Assessor’s Office in Sacramento County ended up agreeing with my opinion of value for a client, so the client will now have their property taxes reduced by $190,000. That’s a saving of about $2,400, so my client should get a fat refund check in the mail soon. That should help with rising gas prices, huh?

tax appeal reduced

NOTE: The image above is a snippet of the “Tax Change Withdrawal” form in Sacramento County. These forms sometimes leave home owners confused because property owners are fearful of what the form really means. After all, nobody wants to sign the wrong form and accidentally stop an appeal. But in this case the withdrawal at hand is something good because the purpose of signing the withdrawal form is to formally accept the revised value and thereby pull out from the appeals process. Read more here if you are wondering about signing the Tax Withdrawal form.

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      I meant to communicate that the assessment was lowered by $190,000 of course. I think people would easily say, “My taxes were lowered by $190,000” or “I’m saving $2,400 on property taxes.” Either way works fine, but I think it communicates much better to say “assessment” so I changed the title. Thanks for the pointer, Bill. I think it’s better that way.

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      Great question. I never solicit tax appeal work during refinance appraisals since I was hired by the lender to do work pertaining to a refinance instead of a tax appeal. It’s really a conflict of interest in my mind to solicit that sort of business in situations like that. I run a tax appeal website at where I get quite a bit of tax appeal business. This one scenario was referred from a loan officer I know. On the other hand, when I am hired by a home owner for a private appraisal for bankruptcy or estate settlement or whatever, and it looks like there is room for them to appeal, I’m sure to mention it since it’s relevant in a scenario like that.

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