10 ways to make your home worth less

I get questions all the time about how to increase property value, but why not consider the issue from the other side? Here are 10 ways to help your property be worth less. Anything you’d like to add? Please comment below.

  1. Go with a “midnight” theme by painting all ceilings and walls black.
  2. Start a trend of bringing back popcorn-textured ceilings.
  3. Give your home a scintillating animal aroma.
  4. Let your sprinklers hit the exterior walls (which will damage siding).
  5. Replace your front lawn with nothing but dirt.
  6. Let your kids play “Bob the Builder” inside with a real sledge-hammer.
  7. Install a chain link fence and thick security bars.
  8. Get all of your neighbors to chop down their front yard trees.
  9. Make your house stand out by painting it a super bright color.
  10. Instead of a roof, make a helipad for Airwolf (do you remember that show?)

Honey-do List from Sacramento Appraisal Blog

What would you add to the list? If you’re in real estate, what things do you recommend a home owner do before listing a house on the market? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

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  1. says

    You actually see front lawns with all dirt in San Diego – water is expensive.

    I would add replace the front/back lawn with asphalt and paint it green – always wanted to do this instead of mowing the lawn

    • says

      Good point, Jason. I’m glad you brought that up. Different locations definitely show preference for what is acceptable for the front yard (or back yard). Arizona, for example, is way different than landscaping here in Sacramento. I know xeriscaping is becoming bigger all the time, but usually it involves some attractive element besides just dirt (maybe plants, decorate rock, brick, etc…).

  2. says

    Good one, Ryan. I wrote my own version after reading yours (and linked back to your site).

    So let me thrown down the challenge to Tom, Bill, Bryan et al to write articles that list the horrors they’ve seen in their market areas.


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