How much cash is in the Sacramento market?

Any casual follower of real estate has probably heard how cash has been dominant in the Sacramento market lately. But how much is there really? I mentioned previously how investors and hedge funds have been on a purchasing rampage lately. As you can see below, cash sales under $200,000 in Sacramento County have been increasing through 2012. Everyone knows buyers have been struggling to get into contract because of a tight housing inventory, but the allure of cash offers to sellers is surely a part of the struggle too. These cash deals on MLS represent the acquisition market for flippers, rental properties and the resale market once properties have been rehabbed.

Does it surprise you that 40% of all recent sales under $200K in the entire county have been cash?

Cash Sales under 200K in Sacramento County - by Sacramento Appraisal Blog

Click on image to view larger version: All Cash Sales in Sacramento County in 2012 under $200K - by Sacramento Appraisal Blog AppraiserCash vs Financed Sales Graph: If you want to see the data above in a graph format, click on the thumbnail image. This file will help illustrate the cash market vs financed market under $200,000 in Sacramento County. It’s definitely a busy graph since there have been over 9,000 sales so far this year, but I’d still be curious to hear your take. What do you see? Any thoughts?  

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